What is SERM?

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is a set of measures aimed at increasing the attractiveness of a brand or other name for example eset key in search results.

SERM is a relatively new Internet marketing and reputation management tool, mainly aimed at working with search engines. Thus, through SERM promotion, not only the goal of creating a brand image on the Internet is achieved, but also the increase of certain third-party resources in search results when a relevant query is entered. If you carefully study SERM cases, it becomes clear that this tool, despite its novelty, has already managed to prove itself well.

As a rule, search reputation management is carried out on such sites as blogs, forums, social networks, where company representatives act as consultants, closer to the average user and located in their “habitat”. Such measures can be more effective in certain cases, since communication takes place directly: the user asks a question and receives a specific answer to it.

At the same time, the second purpose of SERM is also fulfilled – working with search engines: responses to users, individual recommendations or consultations of the company’s clients contain keywords that help those who do not participate in active discussions and prefer to find information on their own to find this information. Thus, serm cases using this strategy reflect the solution of two tasks at once: they increase the attractiveness of a brand or another name in the search results, while working out the negative and sowing positive reviews.

Thus, search reputation management is a synthesis of one of the main tools of Internet marketing and an “offline” tool from the field of public relations – reputation management. Currently, SERM promotion is gaining popularity as an effective and technological guerrilla method of increasing brand recognition and awareness of the positive qualities of the brand. Many companies are satisfied with the results of serm cases and continue to use them in their work.

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