How to tag a person on Instagram in a story in a photo

Hello to all readers of the site! Today we will talk about how to mark a person on Instagram in a story in a photo and video and learn how to do it in practice on our own.

Instagram stories are quite popular, and many users know how to create them on their own, but not many know how to mark a person in an Instagram story in photos.

If you know, you can skip reading this article any further. And now an instruction on how to mark a person on Instagram Stories.

Instructions on how to mark a person in history
To mark people in instagram stories, we perform the following actions:

We go to the Instagram account. Before publishing Stories, we decide whether to post a publication from the gallery, or take your photo or video right now.
Click in the upper left corner on the camera icon or on your profile photo, the result will be the same.
Now click on the Aa icon.
Then enter the symbol “dogs” @, and after it immediately, without spaces, the name of the person (his nickname on instagram). It will look something like @new_seti.
Then click in the upper right corner of the appeared “checkmark”. What does it mean to keep the tagged person in the Instagram history in the photo.
In order to publish, click at the bottom of the phone screen in the right corner of the “Recipients” button. Then you can send the publication to your story, or to close friends or messages. To do this, click the “Share” button, and then the big button at the bottom called “Finish”. You can also use the search for contacts, which is located at the top of the application and is marked with a search magnifier with the word “Find”.

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