How to remove a secret chat in Telegram completely?

How to permanently delete a secret chat in Telegram and free kredit 365hari e-wallet for all participants? An excellent question that we will be happy to answer in detail! Private conversations are one of the main features of the messenger, so it’s time to learn how to use all the available functions and find out as much useful information as possible!

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We erase the correspondence
It is very easy to delete a secret chat in Telegram – this process is practically no different from an attempt to erase a regular dialogue. Now we’ll tell you in detail how to get rid of a confidential conversation!

Open the messenger;
Find the private dialogue you want to remove;
On iPhone, swipe from right to left until the basket icon appears;
On Android – hold down your finger for a few seconds, the necessary button will appear at the top.
Here’s how to delete a secret chat in Telegram – you found a button in the form of a basket, it remains to click and confirm the action.

You will have a few seconds to undo the deactivation. A counter will appear at the bottom of the screen.

This is a slight difference from the process of erasing simple dialogues. If an ordinary conversation can be erased only for oneself or for both interlocutors at once, private correspondence can be erased exclusively for all participants. There is no choice!

If you are thinking about how to delete a secret chat in a Telegram, be prepared for it to disappear from both sides of the correspondence. There are no exceptions.

As a reminder, if you decide to take a few screenshots beforehand to save the conversation history, the second participant will be notified of this action. The notification will pop up right in the dialog. You cannot forward messages from private correspondence!

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We talked about how to delete a secret chat in Telegram – it’s easy, you can do it in a few seconds. Remember that you decide for the second participant too. It is better to first agree on the issue of deactivating the conversation.

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