How many posts to post on Instagram per day

Many users are wondering how many posts to post on Instagram per day, and the answers you have met are completely different. You obviously did not find an unambiguous solution. 🙂

Let’s determine the optimal number of posts on Instagram per day. But in order for your actions not to be blocked by Instagram, you must adhere to the limit on all types of publications on this network.

If you are a regular user of such a social network as Instagram, then you can post your posts a couple of times a week. But if you have other goals, then you need to approach the maintenance of your account from the other side.

Here’s what a blogger should do with posting on instagram
A blogger in his instagram profile needs to post from 1 to 3 posts per day, unless of course you have some specific page.

But stories on your page can publish from 1 to 5 per day. This will give a boost to new subscribers, subject to the quality of your posts.

Do not forget to indicate geolocation and hashtags in this social network corresponding to your topic.

Too high activity in publications can also alert subscribers, or you will simply bother them with your constant posts.

It is necessary to increase the publication of posts gradually!

If you have a certain topic of publications, do not deviate from it, do not interfere with another topic.

For example, in entertainment topics, a frequent amount of posting, on the contrary, can be welcomed by the audience. Consider this factor as well.

Many users turn their Instagram page into an online store and even hire their own administrator. Accordingly, they are interested in the question of how many posts they need to post per day on instagram.

Online stores should publish no more than 1 – 2 a day.

The best selling option would be:

– 1 post published in the morning

– Post 2 is better to publish in the afternoon

Store stories on Instagram should be published 1 – 4 per day.

What is the best time to post publications

Many Instagrammers are interested in when and at what time it is best to publish posts. At the initial stage of maintaining an account, look at the publication times in popular accounts that suit you on your topic.

But try to do it half an hour later or earlier than with similar bloggers, and then compare according to statistics what works better in your case.

We advise you to test the night version as well. Perhaps during this period there will not be much competition, and if something happens, subscribers will see your publication in the morning in their feed.

Choose according to this scheme the number of posting posts per day on your Instagram, and if something new worked for you, or, on the contrary, did not work, then be sure to share it in the comments under this article.

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