Action blocked by Instagram

You went to instagram and saw that the action was blocked by instagram, what to do, this is now one of the most common instagram mistakes.

What does blocking of actions mean? – When the action is blocked, then you will not be able to post photos and video content on Instagram, put likes, subscribe to users, leave a comment, send a direct message to users.

Our task is to cope with such a problem as actions on Instagram are blocked and find out the reasons for blocking actions.

Primary steps to unblock Instagram
To start unblocking your actions, I will advise you to first log out of your instagram account or accounts if you have several of them connected.

After logging out, log into the blocked account again. If nothing has changed, and your actions have remained blocked by instagram, then see the recommendations below.

If you notice that actions have stopped blocking, then use your page, taking into account the limits of instagram.

Why Instagram is blocking user actions
See the reasons for which actions are blocked:

Frequent subscriptions or unsubscriptions from users.
If you leave too many comments.
A large number of likes also affects the blocking of actions.
A large number of messages from you exceed the established limit.
If you often mention people in your publications through this @ sign.
Using apps to increase likes, followers, etc.
Services for automating publications can also influence the blocking of your actions. In this case, instagram begins to consider you not a person, but a bot, which carries certain actions from its side.
The error of the social network itself may also be the reason, although it is rare, but such a bug on the part of the insta happens.
Copyright infringement. Not the most common reason for us, but it can still play in this situation.

Never cheat on Instagram!

What to do to undo blocked actions for users
What actions can you take so that you do not have such problems as the action is blocked by instagram what to do?

Steps to help you unblock blocked activities:

Try logging into your account using some other device. If you succeed, and you can subscribe, comment, like, then most likely the problem is in your device.
The problem is on the internet. This is if instagram blocked the ip address from which you often entered this network. Try to log in via a mobile network or another wi-fi.
Try to log in through your browser. If everything works through the browser, then the problem may be either in your application or in the hardware of your device. Try updating the instagram app, or uninstall it, then reinstall the app. It is advisable to reboot the device after deletion.
Try not to log into your account for a day or more (24 – 48 hours), perhaps after that the problem will go away.
Remove all applications to which you connected your Instagram account. To do this, go to the browser from your computer, click on the gear and select the “Authorized applications” or “Applications and sites” section. It’s just that in your account this hyperlink can be called this or that. But in any case, it will perform the same actions. There you will see the applications connected to your account. You remove access to each application, after which your actions may be unlocked.
If you use services for promotion and automation of actions, even good ones, quite working ones, then also delete them and delete your account from them. After unlocking, you can reconnect them in a week. But it is imperative to set up such applications to reduce the limits on Instagram actions.
After unblocking, try to use the following limits: Do not subscribe in the first week for more than 100 users, the second for no more than 200. And so add a hundred every week until you reach the limit of 900 subscribers. Any account cannot subscribe and unsubscribe more than 900, no matter how long it has for its own registration.
Be sure to link your account to facebook, this will protect yourself from blocking, since the insta will consider you a person, not a bot.
You can try changing your password, after which the blocked actions on Instagram can be unblocked.

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